Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Nails going down a chalkboard

Time to learn something new about me.
Hi, I'm Wendy and I'm a "news junkie". I love Fox News. I followed the election very closely. I stayed up late the night of the Iowa caucus ;) I DVR America's Newsroom every morning so I can watch Bill and Megyn- Megyn rocks. I love her. They make news FUN ;) But I also DVR Hannity (previously Hannity & Colmes), Huckabee, sometimes Greta, but always Bill O'Reilly. I'm a DVR freak. I'll purposely start watching something 30-40 minutes later JUST so I can be DVR'ing it, while simultaneously watching it so I can fast forward the commercials. I like commercials, but only in moderation and when I only have a few minutes of folding laundry while watching something, I'll forego the commercials. If I'm blogging, the commercials stay on.

Did you grow up in the 80's? I did, barely. Sort of, I went through grade school beginning in the 80's. But I do remember something.
When President Regan was on TV, it was OVER! You might as well go to bed because your shows were NOT being shown that night- (AND! as Jeff Foxworthy said "and he's on all three channels!!" lol)

Yes, I followed the election closely. Closely enough, I went through a mini withdrawel from not seeing poll numbers not long after November 4th. Close enough, you can talk to my son about politics and he'll explain to you a few things ;) he has one friend at school, and when asked one time "So do you have a lot in common?" he answered "Well, I mean he's a democrat but besides that ..." (lol, love the innocence).

Close enough, I'm tired of hearing about (of course the obvious O...) Hilary's voice!! Kerry talking right now is just- AAHHH!!! So I'm playing A.N. and what's going on? Hilary's confirmation hearings. Yeeeessss ... it's news.

But I feel likeI'm in fifth grade, settling down to watch the Golden Girls and President Regan just come on and hijacked all three channels! I can't get my Bill and Megyn fix today because of Hilary! uhg Guess that's why I have an extra dose of housework today.

Nails ... screeching ... chalkboard.

Thank you Lord, for DVR- as that's getting turned off and deleted!

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