Thursday, January 15, 2009

BIAY- January 16th

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Happy Reading! (and I'll be back!)


  1. Luke 13:1-17; Genesis 23; Psalms 16
    "read" :D

  2. Luke 13

    I honestly don't know if I've ever really read the first five verses of this chapter before. I find them creepy. "No, those who died weren't any worse than anyone else, but you'll all die the same way if you don't repent". I guess he's speaking of all sins being equal in a sense -- that they make us fall short of God's perfection. But I wonder who he was threatening to die in the same way without repentance? Jerusalem in general? The specific audience? Who was included? How does it apply to Christians now?

    At least I understand one thing in this chapter: It's always right to be kind.

    Genesis 23
    Sarah is the only woman in the Bible to have her age at death recorded. And her burial ground that Abraham way overpaid for is the first portion of land in the promised land that Abraham owned, after spending a lifetime wandering.

    Praying for your health!

  3. I think he was hitting that basically we're all going to die, and we'll perish if we don't repent (be saved). No one is so noble they won't perish aside from salvation, kwim? I didn't realize that about Sarah.

    Thanks for the prayers! I've lost 7 lbs since December 28th ;) The throat pain is still here, just not as bad. He said it still looked "streppy", but it tested negative. I was "this clsoe" to having both ears infected, and my sinuses were infected. I still don't have all the energy I need, so I'm trying to take it easy and recoup my strength!