Tuesday, January 6, 2009

BIAY- January 6th

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Happy Reading! (and I'll be back!)


  1. Today's reading for me was:
    Luke 8:1-25; Genesis 12; Psalms 6

    I've always liked the parable of the sower and the soils. A very good comparison and explanation of what it's like to witness to people.

    For those who know me well, know I've been very politically minded in the past year and a half (and when I have time I blog about that, too, lol). I had a good giggle with this verse-

    Luke 8:19
    Then came to him his mother and his brethren, and could not come at him for the press.
    Even in Jesus' day the press was around ;o) Actually that word means crowd, which can still be applicable in a way because those who went to see Jesus and witnessed his miracles surly reported to others who were not there what all went on.

    I wonder with the passage with Abram telling Sarai to lie about being his wife- is that considered being practical about your society and the likeliness of what they'll do, or is it a lack of faith upon Abram to do what's right?

  2. Wow -- passages that mean a lot to me this time.

    Luke 8

    Studying the parable of the sower changed my life. I know it's a controversial passage, so I'll keep it light here. But I love this parable. It's so cool to notice that three of the four seeds "sprang up". And the one that the birds ate "lest they should believe and be saved". The other three believed. They "sprang up" to new life. Only one lived a victorious Christian life, bearing the fruit that we all aspire too, and that's the point of the parable. I'm so glad, though, for the implication that the other three believed and were saved. It made me stop worrying whether I would eventually screw up badly enough to show that I was never saved in the first place. This principle has really freed me to stop worrying and start growing.

    Like you said, Wendy -- this does have implications in witnessing -- we're to "make disciples" -- the goal is for people to be in that fruitful category. But all we do is scatter seed.

    I wonder how much of the time I'm in that fruitful category rather than in the whithering and caring about the world category. I know our current circumstances certainly are taking time away from where it's best spent! (I hope not for long).

    Genesis 12

    Abram, out of fear, endangers his wife - turning her over to possibly be raped. And that right after God had just promised that his descendants would inherit this land. Sometimes it amazes me how flawed these OT characters are. Then I'm reminded at how gracious God was to them and is to us. God gave Abram credit for "believing Him", and he was friends with Abram. Even though Abram had some pretty real flaws. I'm glad God is equally merciful in His evaluation of me. I have a problem with fear too.

    Psalm 7
    I like David's theology. He knows that God hears.