Friday, January 9, 2009

BIAY- January 9th

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Happy Reading! (and I'll be back!)


  1. (Woo, I almost missed today. Crazyness at work. whew!)

    Ahh! I just learned about this Luke passage in my Bible study group. Peter was building "tabernacles" as an acknowledgment that Jesus was messiah and asking if now was the time for Jesus to take over the world - thus beginning the feast of tabernacles, which celebrates the coming messiah. It's so cool to see the Bible all come together!

    The disciples, like most of us, had to hear the truth (that Jesus would die) a whole bunch of times before it sunk in.

    It really starts to sink in how difficult discipleship is in this passage.

    Ishmael. Another kid that I'm glad isn't mine. With a prophecy (and a future) like his, think of what he must have been like as a kid!

  2. Luke 9:62:
    "62And Jesus said unto him, No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God."

    This is very profound for me. It reminds me of all those years I inadvertantly tried to stay the same, not even realize, God was trying to change me! It was as if in my mind, yes, I was saved, but it was still okay not to be in church every week. Yet I would feel bad for us not being in church. Then I would allow Satan to convince me we couldn't go back to church because of some life circumstances, and a round and round we go. We were never discipled as new believers, and at the first discouraging thing, Satan won and we remained in the world for a good while. Until our marriage was ready to fall apart, and we were cussing each other as we agreed we needed to get back in church or we were doomed! We were looking backwards, keeping on the old man, when the new man was trying to bust on through!

    Genesis 16 sets the second precedent where a man listened to his wife, and went with what she said without seeking God in the matter. I cannot help but to think this is done on purpose, to show us that bad things happen when the men in the relationships do not seek God, and listen to their wives *only*! ya know? I mean it is possible for a wife to come up with a solution, the man pray about it and get God's peace in the matter, but it's still ultimately between the an and God in the decision, not man and woman! kwim?

  3. Thinking of Ishmael as a kid, I wonder just how different him and Isaac was?