Sunday, November 30, 2008

'Under God' pastor dead at 97

I did not know the story behind how "under God" come to be a part of our pledge of allegiance, until I read this article. Did you? I wonder if this will have an impact on the attack against the pledge, if it will make it worsen or not.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

N.C. School teacher bully's 5th grader

This teacher is SO partisan it's unbelievable. The girl's parents are very forgiving, much more than what I believe I would be. It's okay for a child to say they support BO because he's black, but it's not okay to support McCain because he believes in finishing the war? Not to mention, she completely misquoted the "100 year" statement too- she literally lied to those students! This is an outrage IMO The undue stress she has put on that poor girl. Shoot, mine had enough of a time being a McCain supporter without having a teacher belittling them!

Parrot Saved Girl's Life With Warning

Check it out!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Reflection

Did you get free stuff for voting yesterday?
We got free Krispy Kreme donuts *g* Both of the kids had "I voted" stickers too, and thier sign said anyone with a sticker got a free star shape -white frosted-red & blue sprinkled donut. So we got three ;) but when we got there., that "hot donuts" sign was on - YIPPEE!! So I bought a dozen glazed, right off the line. aawwww MAN they were so good. I was campaigning for a local person last election so I had no idea you got free stuff for voting, I was busy! LOL So we started a new tradition this year ;o)

There are instances shown in the Bible, that God gave the nations what they wanted. Has this happened again? When the people realized the error of their ways, God freely forgave and restored them when they humbled theirselves and repented of their wrongdoing. This morning I'm reflecting on my role as a Christian in all of this- if the church was witnessing like it should be, would this be happening? If we all (including myself) were more conscious of our witness in front of people, and actually went before people instead of staying in our comfortable little holes we live in- what kind of impact would that have had in this election?

The next four years can be a time for real revival in our country to where there can be a bigger conservative base as a result of GOD changing the hearts of men!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Did you vote? How was it?

I was going to head out to the polls when they opened this morning, but A) I did not sleep well and needed more Z's B) I have kids that come here at 7:15 and got to thinking "what if there's a line that early?"... so we waited and we were ready to go when they got here.

We got to the polls at 7:20, and yep, there was a line! The people at the end said they were there when the polls opened ;) So that told me I would not be through the line before the kids had to be at school by 8:10, so we come back home for a few minutes before I took them to school.

I'm going to go get the kids out of school early, about 2, and we're going to go vote. I'll double check the line before I go get them. The poll, my house, and the school are all on the same road, the poll 1/2 mile to the right of us, the school 1/2 mile to the left ;) So it's not a lot of running. I want them to be a part of the process. Hannah (6 yrs) was bummed we didn't get to vote this morning, she was excited. They had mock elections last week that got her pumped up- she created signs and hung them in the livingroom, LOL!!

They voted with me in the primaries and we so excited with everything. I have darling pics on my camera phone, but my service is off and I'm not sure I can get them off of there!!

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