Sunday, January 11, 2009

Come down with Strep again

The strep throat from the day after Christmas come back Thursday night / Friday morning. For the first time in my life, I had not taken ALL of the antibiotics. I'm always fussing when I get sick cause family members will ask "Do you have any antibiotics left?" to which my answer would be "Well no! That's why I haven't been sick in (X amount) of time!". Then I end up using their "leftovers" to avoid going to the Dr (we don't have insurance). I've learned my lesson.

Then on top of the strep I was having 'hormone shifts' ... uh hum .... on Friday which resulted in a migraine all day yesterday, last night. and I'm not sure if it's still here right now or not cause I just woke up and thought to post something. I know I'm making a bunch of typos and my head is whoozy. But I just wanted to let everyone know where I had went, and where I'll be until this all goes away. If you think about it please pray for me!

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