Thursday, January 8, 2009

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Raising Foodies
This is going to be the first official week of the 'kids in the kitchen' column. The inspiration behind it is to share what you have done with your kids in the kitchen that week. Tara from Feels like Home come up with the idea and we're exchanging links over there, too. It's been said that when kids are exposed to the cooking experience early in life, they are more well rounded eaters, less picky, more adventurous, especially when they help make something.

Well let me tell ya ..... ;o) See this below? This is what my daughter eats when she makes it, LOL!! She can help cook all evening, but she isn't going to eat a lot of stuff! She threw that theory out the window! Jackson? He never helped in the kitchen- and that boy will eat anything at least once, and always has been like that. People marveled at the idea of him eating green peas straight out of the can as a snack!

So the kids just got back from visiting family in Alabama last week. Apparently, Hannah's great aunt Susan went to the store and bought them out of sprinkles and frosting. They made a batch of cupcakes, and frosted them in each color. MIL says that Hannah had a ball. Below is what was left, that was brought home for us. They were so pretty I couldn't help but take a picture! ;o)

Next week: Gingerbread men.

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  1. Thanks for participating in Grace's Kitchen Friends! Those cupcakes look delicious!