Monday, January 19, 2009

BIAY- January 20th

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  1. Luke 15
    v 7 I say to you that likewise there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine just persons who need no repentance.

    Sometimes people read a lot into scripture that isn't there. This verse is almost always taught that the "persons who need no repentance" just THINK they don't need repentance, and are proud, arrogant, like the pharisees. The the verse doesn't say that. It just says that they don't need repentance. I think that changes the interpretation of the parable to think of these people as "not needing repentance" (i.e., already walking faithfully with God), rather than being proud and arrogant and thinking that they don't need God.

    Just my rant. I find it interesting what people add to scripture sometimes.

    And God runs. One of the absolutely most beautiful stories in here.

    Genesis 27
    You know, if I were Esau, I think I would want to kill my brother too. That was really low. (As an older sister, I was pretty aware when the younger ones got unfairly good treatment, and this is the ultimate in unfairly good treatment).

  2. I'm playing catchup with my comments for this week :::blush:::

    Luke 15; Genesis 27:1-45; Psalms 20

    Luke 15:7, 10- there's a song called "The Value of One", you can listen to the first verse of it it online here; of course it sounds a lot better when our choir at church does it ;)

    Gen 27:2-4 - this would be my family "go get some deer and fix me a good roast so I can eat it before I die" ;)

    Gen 27: 15-16 You know Esau must have been one HAIRY guy!!

    Gen 27:37-
    "And Isaac answered and said unto Esau, Behold, I have made him thy lord, and all his brethren have I given to him for servants; and with corn and wine have I sustained him: and what shall I do now unto thee, my son?
    So- Jacob stole Esau's blessing. If there was nothing left for Esau after it was found out what Jacob done, then what would have been left for Jacob, had he not stole it? kwim? Rebekah sure was a conniver wasn't she?

    Psalm 20:7- I think this is going to be our family "theme" for 2009.

  3. I agree with you- it's interesting how far some look into the scriptures.