Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Hannah & 'The Arnold'

That's the song I have sung to both of my kids. I even have a made up second verse for them ;) So the other night before Hannah went to bed we were "loving" on my bed- talking, snuggling, etc.. I proceeded to sing it to her. It's been a while since I have. She sat there and listened real sweetly, then said when I was done-

"But mom it'll be ok."

"what will be ok babe?"

"it's ok if I run away"


"if I run away I'll be right back ...."

"Hannah what are you talking about?"

"If I run away. I'm your sunshine, I won't take it away. I'll be back"

Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Davinci Code

Everyone is buzzing over the code these days because of the new movie that is premiering this weekend. I was so bummed when I heard that not only Tom Hanks was starring, but Ron Howard directored it! I was bummed because I knew I would have nothing to do with it myself.

I personally will not be seeing it because I am not going to allow my dollars to support such apostasy (this is a direct attack on Christianity and nothing less) - even though I love Hank's work, and Ron Howard. My personal conviction is, my loyalty to Christ is more than my love of Hanks, Howard, and well-made movies (because there's no doubt the movie could be entertaining because, well, Ron Howard made it and Hanks is the star!; in this case that's not the point...)

I know enough about my faith, and what the book claims, to be able to answer any questions that come up.

Did Jesus and Mary Magdelene (sp?) have a child? Well shoot no!
Was she pregnant at the cross?
Was she supposed to be the head of the church and Peter bumped her out?
Did Jesus stay dead and not rise again?

With the above answers being no, then-
Did the Catholic church cover all this up to push forward Christianity, just another religion? Nope!

See what I mean? We know the answers, the movie really does not need to be seen to counsel a confused one about the issues. The idea would be to know enough about our faith, not about the movie IMO :O) But if one REALLY is curious, to not support the Code, they could read "BREAKING the DaVinci Code", a book that was out last year or so.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Update on me

Lets see .... we'll start with Mother's Day:
my Mother's Day Blessing:

Ponderings from a mom to a "non-picky"
Reading the chef thread made me think again how blessed I am with Jackson. We went to a chinese buffet on sunday and we realized we'd never taken the kids to one- well, a good one. That day my son ate cold-peel-it-yourself shrimp, hot of the same, two oysters in shell, two frog legs, sushi with tuna, salmon, and a california roll (3 pieces all together), fish eggs (is that caviar? duh I dunno), garlic green beans, among other 'regular' things. He had nothing fried. How about that for a 7 yo? even Hannah liked the fish eggs, that was her 'new' thing :)

I started my summer semester today. In the next 8-10 weeks, I will be taking 16 week's worth of:

Introduction to Computers
Introduction to Business
Introduction to Sociology
Expository Writing

I didn't fail my last computer class, but it was not transfer. It's a carbon copy of this one, except this one has one additional project per chapter. The professor told me to save all my work on my pin drive and turn it in when it was due, I say kewl

I had Expository writing today. We are working towards writing out the research sources and thesis for a research paper, but not writing the actual paper. Okkaaayyy, I can handle that. But what do I want to research?

The other thing we will be graded on is, one more topic. We pick our topic- write a rough draft. Turn it in for grade, receive tips. Implement tips, turn in for next grade. Then receve more tips, and turn it in for final grade on paper. What's cool is, I already have a paper ready for this!! When I went to get my GED the one who implemented my practice test said that she'd never had a perfectly written paper before- mine! That she' seen college graduates' papers that were not as good as that one. So I asked that she xerox me a copy. Yep, it's sitting right over there ----------> Woo-Hooo!!!

Last but not least- I got my report card this week- I have a 4.0 average!

Tuesday, May 9, 2006

DYKs and a funny

I know I need to catch up my blog!! I am out for the rest of the week so this is possible. Maybe tomorrow I'll do a detailed rundown. Are y'all still out there? Gimme a comment so I know!! I'm wondering how A & Carson & Ruth are doing!!

Now onto my DYKs....

DYK I think I made As in all my classes this semester?

DYK my group done our symposium speech on sex yesterday? (lol)

DYK that I got cyber-jumped on by someone in my Christian Graphics group this weekend?
That was weird as all get out. I need to pray for this person. She left the group.

DYK I never type with center alignment so this feels weird?

DYK I need to go separate all our dirty cloths so we can do the laundromat tonight? lol

I come across this video earlier today and I think I burned 500 calories laughing so hard- The funniest 6 minutes you will ever see! Remember how many of these you have done!