Saturday, March 3, 2007

Circus fun for everyone is coming ...

Saturday, March 3rd, 2007, 12:22 am

to our city.
Animals and lions and ladies oh so pretty.
The silly clowns will make you laugh,
the animals so clever ...
the tightrope walker never falls,
it's the best show ever!!

Okay, so that's the best I could make from Hannah singing their little circus theme song. Her class had their annual k4 circus, showing off all of their gross motor skills they've accquired this school year among other things. All of the kids were to dress up like a circus character, and my little girl was the ballerina / tightrope walker. We curled her hair in soft curlers last night, swooped it up this morning along with her crown ... had the tights, the too-too (sp?).

The kids done wonderfully, although I'll admit my disappointment of when they first marched out, to find they had put a DRESS underneath her one piece leotard / too too, and it looked quite homely! There was concern over the modesty issue (they go to private Christian school) ... which, I can respect the modesty issue, that was why I had her in tights. If the tights were not good enough, I wish they would have told me when I walked her into her classroom this morning and I would have brought back something more appropriate that would not take away from her outfit.

What Im suprised with is just how disappointed I was. SHE was fine and didn't think twice about it. I guess we've been talking about this day SOOO much for weeks I got a bit overexcited ;) I have pics and videos, but I don't know where the cord is t transfer everything to the computer. I'll have to do that later. I downloaded a circus theme digiscrap kit I plan on putting the pictures together with, I found it this morning. Very cute!! So be on the lookout!

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