Monday, March 19, 2007

Thankful Challenge (TC): Monday

Monday, March 19th, 2007, 10:03 pm

Courtosy of the TC Challenge on Christian Family Life~

I'm thankful that I only got to work 10 minutes late this morning. It's been worse the past few days!!I'm thankful that the 3 yo's I subbed for today had a good day compared to other days I've been with them. Both teachers were out, and I was the main teacher for them today ... all day!!But thankfully, they ALL went to sleep at naptime (rare), within 30 minutes of going down, and had a GREAT nap!!I'm thankful we did not have recess AM or PM with the older classes today.I'm thankful for the new recess schedule that was implemented this week that will limit the time this class has with the older classes, because one of the boys in there ..... I believe will be more successful in class away from some of the older boys.

I'm thankful the weather has turned warmer, because the gas company apparently did not receive our payment last week. The gas was cut off today!I'm thankful for the couple at the restraurant we ate at tonight asking if they could pay our bill, what a blessing! It was just the kids and myself. The kids were being great, we were having a good time being together after our long days. The man turned around and asked "Would you object if we paid for your bill m'am?" my mouth dropped to the floor!I'm thankful Temine's dog food was 50% off at Petsmart tonight, woo-hoo!!I'm thankful our vet's co worker did not mind meeting Jay at the office yesterday, Temone's mouth has gotten a severe infection on the left side and it had spread to his sinuses (poor baby!!)I'm thankful it's going to be 70o here tomorrow, that means Jay can pick the kids up early and spend some outdoor time with them before I get home :o)

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