Sunday, March 25, 2007

Update- Temone

Sunday, March 25th, 2007, 12:32 am

I noticed drops of salivated blood on his blanket yesterday (Friday), and looked at his mouth. The upper left gum where his teeth were cut out was protruding from his mouth and just red and raw almost. I felt so bad for him. I mean, other than the obvious breathing issues from his sinus infection (I'm assuming), he's generally in good spirits. He's always been a sweet hearted dog. I noticed where he's been drooling in parts his beard was getting matted so I trimmed his beard down. Jay called MIL and she contacted the vet's office (we use their vet and they, having six animals between them ...) and arranged for Temone to be seen today and offered to take him.

Their actual vet was out of town but the other one in the office met her to see him. He gave Temone a shot of antibiotic supposidly different / stronger from the "stout" one he was given last week. He said for us to bring him back on Monday and they would do a biopsy to make sure there's nothing else there .... cancer. You know I am so not going to freak out until I need to. I said that with my mother and I'll say it now. While my flesh wants to FREAK out cause they said the C word, I know at this time it's precautionary. He had major surgery, he will be thirteen years old this May, this is just hitting him hard (the surgery / abcess). Cause you know they took twelve teeth, but the problem area is where the abcessed tooth was.

So MIL gets home and L, her friend, is not happy with what was done. He was concerned about Temone being dehydrated and his breathing .. so they pack up the car and head to the clinic that treated MIL's dog (Tiffany) with her chemo treatments, and is currently treating her other dog (Tribble, Tiffany and Temone's son). They done all sorts of tests and X rays etc and determine that there's nothing blocking his airways aside from the sinus infection, so that is good, kwim? They also gave some suggestions for helping him be more comfortable until Monday like Little Noses saline drops for his nose, and Maalox for his belly since it's likely he's swallowing blood because TODAY, the abcessed area was literally bleeding.

So L was happy. I'm happy with that treatment.

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