Saturday, March 24, 2007

Thankful Challenge (TC): Friday

Saturday, March 24th, 2007, 11:58 pm

Yesterday I was thankful for:

An employer that is empathetic to family things that pop up that can cause you to be late. (I was late again) A workplace that treats their employees as well as mine does- they brought biscuits (and fruit, coffee, juice) for breakfast, and had lunch catered by this Mexican Restaurant that is just awesome. We had a staff development day yesterday so no kids were there and it was all day training.) The day of on the clock, regular schedule training we had yesterday. I learned a lot.

Getting out of work an hour early yesterday, it was such a beautiful day it was nice to get up to the kid's school early so they could play on the playground for a little bit. I got to visit with a friend while they kids played on the playground with her girls ;o) She's so sweet, I am glad we've been getting to know each other.

We went out to this Japanese Steakhouse last night with Kristi, her dd, and Jay's best friend Jon. It was awesome, much better than past experiences that I remember. It was a first for Jay and I, we have never went to one together! YES! 13 years and this was a first. Hannah didn't care for the fire and I dare say if we asked her next time if she wants to go, she just might say no. Although she ate very well and even used the chopsticks. My MIL. She's always there when we need something .. well, within reason ;o) The beautiful day we had, it got up to 81o!! Falling asleep at 10pm, I needed the rest! The kids going to sleep right when I put them to bed.

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