Saturday, March 17, 2007

Need ... to ... blog ...

Saturday, March 17th, 2007, 7:58 pm

This has been a busy, week. Hectic, not a frazzling hectic, though. I work from 8:30-5:30. I get to the kid's school to pick them up at 6. Between the time we get home around 6:20-6:30, we have until 8:30 to get homework, baths, and "talk" in. I have not cooked in forever! It's takeout, every night. (No wonder I'm getting fatter ;o) The kids go to bed around 8:30, out of neccessity. Three nights this week I fell asleep around 10pm. Oy! That makes me behind on everything else, including blogging, boards, graphics, allllll that. Not to mention Jackson started a fever Thursday night, and was out of school Friday. He's still not feeling 100%, I think he has an ear infection poor baby.

So this morning I got caught up on posting. I'm going to play a little bit with the blog here, then I am going to make my Easter sig, and an Easter sig for offer to put up on Creating Websites and Graphics. I will work on a sig that someone requested from me last week. I will also finish the blinkie tutorial I started working on last week. After all of that, I am going to go terrorize Mia at TV Lovers in the Grey's Anatomy folder (uh-huh, y'all thought I forgot!!). When I get that far I will c/p & link you here. Before bed, I will gather all of the trash in my kitchen, lol

My sister called me last weekend, said that her ds's ('Jon', 10 yo 4th grade) school called and said that he was behind on reading level, and with the current issues with ADD popping up (undiagnosed, but his teacher believes he is, PLEASE do not get me started!), they're considering putting him in a special ed / learning disability class if his reading level does not come up. Currently the average is 4.7, he's at a 3.5. They do that accelerated reading program.

This is all new to me because our kids are in private school and do not do such things. They do phonics based reading and their reading level, the best to my knowledge, is only looked at when the Stanford Battery Achievement Test results come back in. That's the only time I hear about it anyways.

So, last weekend we went to the library and got Jon set up with a book to read and take the test on. He took the test Monday and made an 80%. I went and got him Wednesday and we went back to the library. The librarian there that night printed me out 17 pages of books that were in the 3.5-3.8 level. While Jon and my kids played on the computer, I worked with the librarian in picking out "boy" books for him. Did we know that Corduroy is a 3.5 grade level? (alrighty then!) We read Corduroy while we were there .. well he read it to me, and I sent him home with a chapter book and another book. The chapter book he was supposed to read one chapter per night, the other he was supposed to read Thursday night. I called Thursday to find out he read the other book when he got home the night before, and took BOTH tests that monring. He got 100% on BOTH tests!! Yay!!

So this will be a regular thing until his grades come up. I don't know what they are now, but I'm guessing not good if they're talking about special ed? This is a boy who just watched his father die in the hospital not a month ago and they NOW decide to throw all this up in the air. I'm rather irked with the situation myself. But sis cannot quit her night job right now, and the last option is for him to hang out with his older sister on those evenings ... not a very good idea. Not that she's a bad influence perse, but she has enough going on in her own life right now. This boy needs parental figures in his life, kwim? So that's my latest "project".

Enough for now, I'm gonna run ;o) TTFN!!

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