Friday, March 23, 2007

Thankful Challenge (TC): Wednesday & Thursday

Friday, March 23rd, 2007, 12:24 am

Yesterday I was thankful for ... Hannah's good spirit while she was sick. That Jon got to come over and play with Jackson, they both needed that. That I learned quickly I could find books on Jon's reading list online and reserve them for us ... saves some legwork, I tell ya! The good game of checkers Hannah and I played, she's getting good, it's so funny to play with her! She'll scoot all her pieces over as far as she can, until you just cannot go anywhere else! she'll start to move one and go "no, if I move there you will jump me ... mom I'll pass this time, you can go" ROFL!! I was able to help my good friend get her nursing license verified. Her computer is messed up and I have not been able to go fix it for her yet. So we done it over the phone together, with my using our internet. Today I am thankful for ....

Getting to spend another day at home with Hannah, just vegging out. She ran a fever last night, ad our school's rule is 24 hours no fever with no meds before returning. Come to find out Jackson had it first, then their friend Joel, and then Hannah. But Joel went home today with tummy troubles, poor guy! As gross a sounds as he is making, I believe the new antibiotics are working for Temone. He's supposed to go for a checkup tomorrow to verify if the infection is indeed going down. I wonder ... Jay's had work issues pop up this week, does he remember? Grey's Anatomy is not a repeat tonight and I am about to go watch it on DVR ;o)

I got all of our laundry done tonight at the laundromat. two week's worth! I got 99% of the trash in the kitchen picked up. No we're not yucky, we just eat take-out a lot. LOL!! My ratties, they're so sweet. I took some pictures of them today but it was through the cage so I'm afraid they won't turn out that good. Maybe this weekend we'll get them out and get some good pics of them. I'll have to show them off on the Small Animals board when I get them, too.

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