Sunday, March 25, 2007

Thankful Challenge (TC): Saturday

Sunday, March 25th, 2007, 12:13 am

Today I am thankful for:

The many prayers that were offered on my behalf here today.That she was not at the party (seriously!)The lessons the Lord brought to my mind today.

That I have a daughter who cares so much for her brother's friends that she wanted to be sure SHE gave her a gift, and not a gift from them both. She was excited to GIVE, that blessed me.To see my son put so much thought into what to get his friend. and for it to be a girl, he really showed today just how much he pays attention ("Hannah, she doesn't like regular girl stuff like you. She doesn't like princesses, she doesn't like Barbie ..." lol)

The fellowship we had at the party.
The good pictures I was able to get.Jackson agreeing to let our pet store friend keep the frog he found at Kristi's apartment last night (like I needed another animal).
Getting to know our pet store friend better.
MIL contacting her vet office and getting Temone an appointment for today- his mouth is WORSE than it was last week :o(
MIL's 'friend', for insisting that they go to the Clinic in the next city that MIL's dog for her chemo treatments from ... because what their vet's partner that saw Temone today, said, was not sufficient enough for L.That Temone does not have anything blocking his airways.
That L is covering our vet bills up front and is not expecting us to pay him back (although we're going to budget payments to give him at least some back, the vet bills are already up to $700!).

That my baby (Temone, lol) is home tonight with us.
My house.

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