Tuesday, March 20, 2007

How I found iVillage (Tag!)

Tuesday, March 20th, 2007, 2:21 am

Misty tagged me with this question so here's my answer :)

Back in the winter of 1999, iVillage done a series of TV commcerials with the theme "real solutions, real women". I mean they RAN with it too, We didn't even have a computer back then. I said "If we ever get a computer and on the internet, I am going to see what the big deal is about that website". In March of 2000, we got a computer. The second day we were on the net, I visited iVillage. and I have never left ;o) I remember the first board I ever posted on was the Dogs board on the then Pets Channel. Everyone was so nice. I was far away from the Lord at that time in my life. It was late in November of '00 I started drawing closer to the Lord, finding my way back, and I found Christian Family Life, back then, ParentSoup's Christian Parenting board. I became a regular member, and subsequently the CL the following May. It was August of '03 when I became CL for then then THML Help board, now Creating Websites and Graphics :o)

I'm tagging PJ, Kerri, Corrine, Jenny, and Zanna

How about you? How did YOU find iVillage?

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