Monday, March 26, 2007

I tried to make it quick!

Monday, March 26th, 2007, 10:10 pm

Today was okay. Work was well. I was in the 4/5 yos today, and they were wild. I wonder what they do on the weekends sometimes, do they run wild all weekend too or what? kwim? (maybe not?) hehe The asst teacher in that class left, and the new one was to start today (part timer from another class going full time), but she was sick today. I love the lead teacher in that class, she's a joy to work with.

The kids and I had dinner after I picked them up and it seemed like no time and it was bedtime for them. poor Jackson was in meltdown mode. Hannah was obviously tired cause she took her bath cheerfully, and gave me minimal whining when I was combing her hair. (Does anyone else have drama central combing little girls' hair?) I showed her the pink gown that's been missing for forever, and she quickly put it on and went to bed no problem!

Jackson on the other hand ... I had to tell him three times to get started on his homework, but when I went to check on him after about 20-30 minutes later, he hands me five sheets! He confessed to not doing his homework this weekend (2 sheets) and not doing a sheet in class today, leaving his regular two sheets for tonight. I'm proud though, he could have skipped it all but he owned up to his responsibility and done all of it without my following up on him. I say that's pretty good for an 8 yo 2nd grader! But after he finished his homework he melted ... he had been watching a hunting show while doing his work, and missed the shot when he was bringing me his papers. Poor guy.

He has also agreed to a "reading challenge". Since we're working with Jon's AR list, I asked Jackson what he thought about reading the books off Jon's list for Jackson's grade level, and writing little book reviews on it. (I told him I would even put them on "my website". ;o) I told him he could see how many books he read in the spring, and try to beat that number in the summer. Competition. That's all that was needed. he was hooked. So now instead of one list I'm now working on TWO lists, LOL!! What have I done!!??

Temone is going back to the vet tomorrow (Tuesday) and he is having surgery. What they're doing, we do not know but he called Jay today and said to be sure Temone didn't eat or drink after midnight. (Yeh, we feed our dog after midnight alllll the time, lol). It's the regular vet that is doing the surgery, which is why he did not go back today as planned on Saturday. That vet had been out last week on vacation, but he's back now. PTL~ my baby is feeling rough! But his spirits are well, I called him from the kitchen when we got home tonight and he bee-bopped in the kitchen right to me.

Junior on the other hand ... poor guy. He was in Hannah's room today when Jay left. We close their bedroom doors when we leave to avoid "accidents" by the pets. As I was getting Hannah out of the bath I heard his bell jingling from Hannah's room. He had apparently been in there since Jay left at 11am! It wouldn't be so bad but it was 72o today, and Jay ALSO left the HEAT on, so it was 80o in the house when we got home, and he was in a room with a closed door! he's outside enjoying fresh air now.

I'm slowly working on a fly-larvae journal. I found the supplies for it when I was unpacking. I want to find some daily routine's somewhere, and somehow include juicing in it, lol I should probably be juicing now, but this is my cheap therapy (blogging). I'm so glad iVillage come up with iConnect, I had a post going on for months about what to name my blog at blogspot. I was going to change the link and everything, and on blogspot the title is rather important, here it isn't as much (I don't think at least!!). Now maybe if iVillage does RSS feeds on the blogs like does, hey that would be cool! oh back to juicing, I am so convicnced of the benefits of it, it's just incorporating it into our daily lives. It's a big change, doing that. Have any of you tried making your own juice?

Well I guess that's enough for tonight. Any more and I will ramble. Have a great Tuesday everyone!!

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