Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Update on Temone, Tuesday March 27th

Tuesday, March 27th, 2007, 10:47 pm

Update on Temone, Tuesday March 27th

Pete, the vet who done his first surgery, has been out of town since the infection got bad. We postponed the biopsy from yesterday until today, since today was his first day back from vacation. We thought they were going to cut the infection out, but after Pete saw Temone today ... he said in his 17 years of practicing veteranarian medicine, he has NEVER seen an infection like this.

The tiny knot that was on his neck before the first surgery (lymph node, swelling from infection) is now the size of a walnut, it has not only spread to his sinuses but it's in his nasal passages as well. This explains the very loud breathing. It sounds like he's snoring, but he's awake, just breathing.

So he did not deal with the infection but did go in for a biopsy to make sure there is no cancer. He does not think, in his opinion that it IS cancer, but he does not want to say it's not without being 100%. The symptoms are not 100% lineing up as cancer, which makes him think it's a chronic, severe infection that needs to be treated with a round of steroids. That's best case scenario.

Worst case, it is cancer ... and if it is cancer, the type he is thinking it could, if it was, is not operable OR successful with chemo. Our only option if it is indeed cancer is to put him down.

So there you have it. My heart is laying out on my sleeve right now. Since I know a lot of my 'newer' friends will be reading this, I'll share something they likely do not know about me here, I have panic / anxiety disorder, along with clinical depression. The depression is managed by medication, as is most of the panic / anxiety issues, until something extremely stressful comes about... Like this.

Temone will be 13 years old May 8th. He was the first real sign of committment in my husband and my relationship. I could not sleep the night before my wedding, and it was only until 2am I realized I did not have Temone with me, he was at our apartment and I slept at my parent's house that night. This dog taught me to be a mother. The day we brought Jackson home from the hospital, my mom asked what I thought about having a baby to care for. I said "It's not much different than taking care of Temone". Jackson pee'd on Temone that same day ;o) Since then they've had a special relationship. lol To tell you the truth I have not had this kind of anxiety since my grandmother died five years ago.

I guess I write all of this to say, PLEASE, PLEASE pray for me (and him) during this time. Wisdom for Pete (who gave us a Rx for morphine for FREE because he said no doubt Temone was in pain now..) in how to treat him, that the biopsy results come back FAST (he said it could be 7-10 days!), Jay to keep his wits about him (he's as worried as I am ... he's taking him to work with him the rest of the week because of T being on the morphine...). :::deep sigh:::: Guys I can feel it- this is going to shake me down and rock my world. I just know it.

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