Saturday, March 3, 2007

They call her Nubby

Saturday, March 3rd, 2007, 12:47 am

I posted on the Small Animals board about my dear sweet Puffy dieing last week. So Jay comes home tonight right after we had walked in the door. I hear Jackson saying something to him and as I look over my shoulder I see him carrying a cat ... a solid black cat. Mickey, our 15 yo cat, is solid black. My instant thought is "Why is he holding Mickey, did he get out in the garage when we got home? How weird. Maybe Mickey was sick today nd he had to take him to the vet, oh no ..." you know how a few thoughts run through your head at the same time?

But then I notice, uummm, Mickey's whiskers are WHITE. Mickey's whiskers are BLACK. Jay was holding a different cat! It looked to be Mickey's TWIN except for the white whiskers and obvious size difference! Mickey, being so old, is now frail and petite. This cat was very healthy and bigger boned, but the markings shape of the head, eye color, all the same.

So who IS this cat?

Jay introduces "Nubby". Nubby showed up at his work (in a warehouse) as a stray and everyone befriended her. (Yes, her, the best he can tell...). About a week ago she started allowing everyone to pet her. Apparently the office beside them called animal control on Nubby, and my dear husband just would not have that. He put Nubby in an extra office today and brought her home. It's not 100% decided that we will keep her, but he said that he couldn't have her going to the pound. If memory serves me right, this is how we ended up keeping Junior, too :p

So within the first minute Nubby's in the house she notices the other animals, and is not very happy. She started that kitty squawling and hisses when any of them got near her. Our poor babies, they just wanted to say hi! Mickey's so funny, he will walk up slowly, she's squawl, he'll squawl in a lower tone, she won't back down and it's like he says "Fine, be that way, I'll try again later.." LOL!!

She's a potentially sweet kitty. Oh, did I mention she's bobtail? That would explain "Nubby", huh? ;o)

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