Saturday, March 24, 2007

"The" birthday party

Saturday, March 24th, 2007, 11:41 pm

First let me explain the dynamic in Jackson's class. Let me back up. Hannah and Jackson both go to private christian school- she's in k4 and he's in 2nd grade. Our school is k4-12th grade, one building, this year we had 172 students total. Small school, so naturally, each grade consists of one class. So Jackson has been with the same kids in school since he was four (four years), with the exception of one girl and she started this year, having been homeschooled up until this year.

Jackson's best friend is Jacob. They've been 'together' since they were two. Yes, they chose to play with each other at two years old. They're soulmates in the friend sense. Like David and Jonathan (in the bible). They are both of the same high spirited temperament, and it was such a blessing to realize that when they were three, for his mom and myself, just to know someone knows what it was like to have a child like that.

So they're four and start school. And they meet Jordan ;o) Jacob falls in love, lol .... and it begins. From day one, Jordan is the most popular in the class. Adorable little girl with strawberry blonde hair and glasses (when she was four she had LONG hair and wore it in pigtails, loved, loved, loved it!). The summer before first grade, Jackson confides in me that he has a crush on someone. She was really cute, and never got any D marks at school. Then there were two in his class that would fit that description, and my first guess was wrong. Guess who the other one was. That was when I got to have the "talk" with him about the commandment "thou shalt not crush on best friends girlfriend" LOL!

So after much counseling, not really a lot, but after some talking he understood what I was saying, and agreed. It was not as much as he had a 'real' crush on her, as much as ... his missed his friends. and she was one of his best friends. he really didn't understand (then) the whole crush thing. There has not been a day that he comes home and mentions playing with one, that he doesn't mention the other.

What was funny was one day I was talking to Jay when he was at work, and I don't even remember what we were talking about ... but Jay said "Oh but lets not forget Jacob S." and the admin asst he works with said "Excuse me, did you just say Jacob S.?" ... Jay said "Yes, that's Jackson's best friend ... we were talking about [whatever]" and she said "wait a minute, does he go to school in ____", and he said "yeeeeessss"; she said, "Our neice Jordan goes to that school and she talks about Jacob S and Jackson ALLLLL the time" ROFL Jay says "Well that's my boy!!". The irony? They work almost an hour away from the school!

Then the plot got thicker. As they started talking more about family, etc ... they realized, Jay's ex wife is married into their family :-O YES!~ Jay's ex wife was related to Jackson's best friend. Oy! There is MUCH history there. MUCH. We're talking, I was there the night she told him she was leaving. Tense stuff. So of course there has been a lot of emotions in the past, but then I got saved in May '97 and the Lord started changing everything then.

So fast forward to last night. We're getting the kids ready for bed and Jackson mentions Jordan's birthday party and yay we're all excited. Then Jay says "Ummm ... you realize ... somebody might be there, right?" and I'm like "huh?" and he said "somebody ... that's related to her ..." OY! and then I was like "well you know what? It's just going to have to be okay, because that's Jackson's best friend." But man, a thousand different scenarios went through my head between then and this morning. My flesh was getting the better of me so I posted a prayer request on Christian Family Life and of course my girls backed me up ;O) Then when we got there, she wasn't. Which was okay, too, ya know?

But ya know, good still come out of this because it seems like the Lord sends situations my way that brings me back to that time in our lives, and I have to examine my current feelings towards her. It's almost like a litmus test to see how much of my 'old' self still exists in my 'new' life ... does that make sense? Self examination never hurt anyone, right? So that was really my head spinner for the week.

As for the party~

They had a GREAT turnout, ten out of the fourteen in class come today. It's neat, the longer they're together as a class the better our gatherings are. This class has been together since they were four (this was an "8th" bday, 2nd grade). I got some GREAT pictures, especially with the three of them together ;o) It's also such a good time for us moms, too. It's neat to see how our own friendships have grown over these short years, and to think we have ten more to go ;o) It made me think perhaps we'll have an end of school year party here at the house and have a pot luck dinner or something. That would be a lot of fun and ya know? Praise God we DO have the room to do it *g*

Jacob come home with us (Jackson's best friend). They've been ripping and roaring all evening. My head is busting- although I think it would have even if they weren't ;)

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