Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tell Me Thursday: Abbey's Birthday

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There once was a girl named Abbey. Her mom is CalvaryGirl's lifelong best friend. Abbey was turning twelve. She wanted a Wow Wow Wubzy cake but the bakery had no idea who that was, so Elmo was #2 on Abbey's list. For our story we're going to assume the saying is true that "once they hit ten, it starts all over again". So if you're shopping for a cake for a twelve year old, take away ten years and think about what a two year old would like!

Her party was at the local putt putt place. Everyone was having a good time. They had just finished pizza and was ready for some cake. Aunt Wendy (aka CalvaryGirl) was mighty proud of that candle shot- notice how one is out and one is not?

After cake, Abbey started opening her presents. She got some clothes, some money in cards, and right before this one her paternal grandma had just given her an iPod Touch. Frankly, most kids assume something that big was meant for the end, and she's humoring everyone in opening the rest of her presents so she can play with her new iPod. (right?)

Oh look! It's a BOX!

OOOHHHHH! Look at what's IN the box! Could it be? Could it REALLY be?

It could! It COULD!!! Just when a twelve year old girl thinks her birthday could not get ANY better~

Her daddy went and bought her a CELL PHONE!!! She has been asking and asking and asking and asking. Mom keeps saying NO, No, NOOOOOO! (But dad said "well I'm doing it anyway", and mom said "I'm not monitoring her minutes, you pay for what she uses" ...)

and LOOK! Daddy got me unlimited text! Who is she texting in this picture? Her "boyfriend". Little did she know when she was headed out to the bumper boats, daddy was texting with her "boyfriend" too.

I'm with my BFF- a twelve year old has no business with a cell phone in all reality; but the look on her face was priceless!

So tell me:
do you know a twelve year old with a cell phone? If so, what practical use does it serve for them?


  1. My personal opinion is NO, a 12 year old does not need a cell phone. I don't think any child under the age to where they can earn (by working) their own needs a cell phone.

    All the reasons I hear why a child needs one are excuses to me! Kids have grown up for YEARS!!!!!! without them and I think they are just fine.

    "I need to know where they are at all times" just means you aren't watching them good enough and gives the parents a false since of security. Not all technology is good!!

    Anyway that is my rant!

    Great pics!!!!

  2. Wow, what a great TMT! But I do agree - 12 seems too young for a cell phone! :-)