Thursday, July 2, 2009

Raising Foodies: Adventurous Eaters pt3

This is part three in the series about children trying new foods. I left you with a video of Jackson trying sushi with raw salmon. Did you like it?

We love going to Whole Foods and eating off their hot bar and salad bar. It is an excellent opportunity for both kids to try out new foods without us being committed to an entire dish and risk wasting food. They have a sushi section with a great variety of kinds to try, and if you try it and do not like it, they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on their products, which is GREAT!

Jackson come home from camp last Friday, and I thought it would be nice for him to come home to lunch at our favorite "hot spot". Low and behold, he went straight to the sushi section and was carefully browsing everything in te cabinet. I could see dillemma on his face, and asked what was wrong. Everything he was interested in cost $10-$11. Hey, we saved that much with him being gone all week so I let him get a "rainbow roll". Concerned about the various meats on it I was talking to the sushi chef about ....... the eel. However, I felt better knowing the eel and the shrimp was cooked, whew! The other rolls had raw salmon and raw tuna. The sushi chef quickly offered to let Jackson sample the ee before we purchased the whole plate. He LOVED the eel! That hands down is probably his favorite sushi meat thus far. I heard a couple of moans "ohhh this is SO good" as I saw him taking small bites of it not to devour it in one or two big gulps ike he is more than able to do.

Sorry, no video for that experience, but I do have a video!

This week, we have Jackson trying pickled ginger. He's a very good child to "clean his plate" when given proper proportions to begin with, so he was determined to eat the ginger, too.
Will he like the ginger? Lets see!

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