Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The improvement is amazing

I spent a good while at the hopital yesterday and my cousin is doing SO good. She walked around her unit twice in a row right before lunch, and she had already walked three times before I got there! I cried a little, she cried a little, then a counselor from cardic services come in and talked to her for a while explaining what to expect in coming weeks. He was very helpful. I'm glad that they have someone like that on staff. All he does is counsel with cardiac patients on the floor. It's sad when you think about it though because, he has a full time job doing that- that means there are that many people sick each day!

My other cousin who works in the cath lab and was there with her when she had her heartattack come in for a visit while I was there. She had a printout of her heart when they took the first couple of pictures at the beginning of her procedure. It showed the blockage and she explained it a little and WOW~ definately a HUGE difference between what it was supposed to be and what it was.

Keep praying. She might get to go home today!

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  1. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. My prayers are with your cousin. I had a great visit here. I will stop by again. Thanks for sharing. Connie