Saturday, July 25, 2009

She's doing better

I'm happy to announce my cousin is is still improving little by little. Even the things that could happen and still be normal, is not happening, praise the Lord! I went for the 6am visit this morning and he rpotassium went from low to normal. Her heart is now beating on its own, where they had a balloon inserted beside her heart helping it beat yesterday. The goal today is to wean her off the ventilator and possible excabate (sic?) - take out the tube from her throat. She's still communicating well when she's not overly sedated.

The capacity of what happened yesterday:
She went in for a scheduled heart catherization. They found the 90+% blockage in her main artery- thick plaque. They tried to insert a stint and couldn't, and tried a balloon to open up the vein. When they done that she had a heart attack. Her heart was in a lethal rhythm, and they had to shock her with the paddles TEN TIMES to get her heart back to normal.

more to come.

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  1. Wow! What a frightening ordeal. I am so glad she is doing better.