Tuesday, July 28, 2009

She's in a regular room!

Cousin update 7/28
She's doing SO well. They moved her to the special cardiac unit yesterday, which is a regular room with no designated visiting times. She's up, walking some, ALL of the tubes are out, praise the Lord! She has certain goals they want her to meet each day, like yesterday they wanted her to walk "around the block"- the unit four times. She done one here, one there, not all at one time of course. She has her "pickle" she uses for her respiratory therapy- it's a green plastic thing that looks like a pickle that has replaced that blue thing they used to have you blow in and however high the white ball inside went, was what your progress was. The pickle is cooler (no pun intended!) and seems more efficient.

She remembers three of the ten shocks of the paddles. She has the memory of the pain, in that it hurt, but not the memory of the physical pain, if that makes sense. (I remember going to Disneyworld when I was five, but only that we were there. I cannot tell you how I felt when I met Pooh, even though the pictures say I was happy beyond belief.) That, I'm thankful for. That she doesn't remember. (I wish I could remember meeting Pooh!)

She might get to come home Wednesday or Thursday- isn't that amazing?! They will do an echocardiograham to determine that physical state of her heart, and then decide from there when she'll come home.

So much to be thankful for this gratituesday. To read more gratituesday posts, click here.

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