Thursday, July 2, 2009

Things that'll make you laugh

The child age structure is very interesting in our family. My sister the eldest, me the youngest by 12 1/2 years. When her first was born, I was 11. When her second was born, I was 12. Her first was 10 when her third was born. Are you still with me?

When her youngest was 2 1/2, Jackson was born, then Hannah 3 years later. When Hannah was four, my sister's first grandchild, Braden, was born via her oldest. Not two years later, here come ^Jordan^, her second. So the grandchildren in our family literally look like steps that would work out the glutes!

We don't get to see #3, Jonathan (12 years old) a lot. It's probably been four months since he's been over here. I've seen him a couple of times in recent weeks but the kid's haven't. Jackson and Hannah are very excited when they get to spend time together. He come over while sis was at work Tuesday. Bless his heart, he had a bike accident earlier in the day and REALLY scuffed up his elbow, knee, and the palm of one hand. I was changing the bandage on his knee, finished, and went to start on his elbow. I told him to stand up so he could turn his arm around under the light ....

He says "Wow you're getting short!"

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