Friday, July 24, 2009

Prayers please!!!!

update: this is the story: her main artery was 99.9% blocked, and when they tried to put a balloon in she flatlined. They just got her stable enough for the surgery, and she went in right at 10am(ET), and it should take 3 hours. Mom is watching the kids and Im headed over there soon. My aunt's a wreck, she just lost her husband 6/22/09 and now this.

9am update: she has already been taken for pre op. They said they needed to do the surgery asap.

My cousin went in this morning for a heart catherization. My mother called at 8am saying it is done and they've told her she will be having open heart surgery ... TODAY. She needs salvation, she's overweight (I know that sounds bad but in terms of surgery weight is an issue, right?); and she has MS. The MS is not dibilitating by far but it's still a factor in her life. PLEASE pray for her, the Lord knows her name. She's one of my closest relatives. This is the daughter of the uncle that passed in June (22nd). My aunt is a wreck. She needs prayer as well.

pray for me- I was up most of last night not able to sleep. Got to sleep for less than two hours when I woke to horrible stomach pain. Got back to sleep for an hour before mom called. (This is coming off a migrane Tuesday night - yesterday morning.)
I also need to find somewhere for the kids to hang out. Please cover us all today!


  1. ~~***UPDATE FROM CALVARY GIRL (Wendy) VIA ME***~~I just spoke with her @ 1:00pm EST and her cousin is in very critical condition. She is doing "as well as can be expected considering they had to shock her 10 times to bring her back during the heart cath". She says the next two hours are very critical and will determine her prognosis. Please continue to pray as she is a very sick woman. Continue to pray for Wendy and her family as they are all a wreck. I will update as she gives me the latest info.