Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tell me Thursday: Catch up edition

I realized on Monday I did not post a Tell me Thursday post past Thursday ... oops! To view last week's Wordless Wednesday, click here.

Picture #1-
"What happens when ..."

you miss the ball? That really good player from the other team will come and get it.
you're born three days apart? One day you'll end up playing on opposing soccer teams (next year, we're going to find out before sign ups if they're playing and ask to be on their team!)

This pic is so special. The boy is the son of dear friends of ours we don't get to see very much anymore. (He was born 12-17 and she was born 12-20.) His older brother of a year is also on the "blue" team, and boy are they good. We've enjoyed getting to see them each week. What's also cute with the pic is Hannah is #6 and he is #7 (and the other one is #8, lol)

Picture #2-
"What happens when ..."

you let the girl get past you? she scores! LOL!

This is probably one of the best goals of the season, she done such a good job getting past Jackson (lol)! everyone laughed at his reaction, and I was so happy to find how detailed this pic turned out considering I took it zoomed in 15x from the other side of the field- lengthwise!

Picture #3-
"What happens when ..."

You choose not to put on your chin guards during practice? You get kicked in the chins!

This week's Wordless Wednesday was "Skate dude at work".
I explained some about it in my contest entry here. We had such a good time trying to get those pics. I had a hard time choosing which one to enter in the contest, as you can see. I chose the one for the contest for the height he had and his form- not to mention the hints of orange from his hair you could see at the top of his head! But these were equally as awesome and I really think I'm going to create a poster with the second one. I LOVE the angle of the third though, with the blades of grass- just how I planned it! He's getting really good at skating, I believe. I just realized today I had a video already uploaded of him, check him out-

Not all that fancy, but hey, he's an amateur! He's got some good stuff- trust me, there's more skate videos in your future if you're a regular visitor here :o)

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  1. Great photos and video. I love the story about the friends and the numbers on the jerseys. Cute! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great pictures! Not smart to not wear chin guards!! My Tell Me Thursday answers are here.

  3. YAY, great catch up post and thanks for participating. Hope you can do our contest too!

  4. I love catch up posts. I loved the story.

  5. It sounds like soccer season is an interesting time at your house!

  6. Jessie, this is actually our first season! We've had a good time. Their practices are on Tuesday nights back to back and so are their games on Saturday (convenient). It's been an experience for sure :o)

  7. Love it!! My oldest son and hubby are both skaters. As long as he avoids the flower planters he'll be fine :)