Saturday, May 9, 2009

a good time for a headache?

Every month I have a migraine. I'm guaranteed one, at least. That one, I know is from hormone surges so it's not like I can avoid it. I started getting that flicker of pain on my right temple earlier this week. I just knew it was coming. I was preparing myself. Every day I got up with baited breath, just thinking about whether that day was 'the day' I would be bedbound. Tuesday was a field trip with school- I pushed through the right side flickers. I even had floaters, and the traditional upper neck pain, but it never really come through to completion. As each day passed, I was more confident that it was near, and I needed to be prepared.

Jackson had a field trip planned Friday, and this field trip was two hours away, and it was an allll day trip. The very idea of getting on that bus with 20+ kids and a migraine kicking in was enough to set in anxiety over the issue. The good thing was, he was ok with the idea of me not going, since he is back at his current school. When the 4th grade classes (at his now-former) went in March for the same trip, he made it CLEAR he wanted me to be there (I'm sure it was trust issues). So erring on the side of caution, I skip the trip yesterday. Sure enough, I had a good sized headache yesterday, but it didn't reach "the" status. It was manageable if I kept all the lights and TVs off in the house. I picked up Hannah from school and we set out on a girl bonding trip of necessary shopping at the happy place @WholeFoods and the nail salon for a new coat. (We also hit Dollar Tree and Target).

By the time we got home, I knew "it" was here. "It" was at a 6 when we got home, an 8 by the time we got to bed. It was like, things were "normal". I think I was relieved to know it was here. Why is that? The kids have soccer this morning- there's no skipping out on soccer games! I have three games to keep up with, and here I sit with my head just POUNDING. You know, Monday or Wednesday would have been a better time for this to happen ...

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