Friday, May 1, 2009

Please pray for us today- important

Update: Fri night 11pm
He's still very sick and now has a headache along with it. Please continue to pray for him! (Hannah's also complaining about her head hurting, too, totally unrelated to Jay though.)

Update: (Friday, 1:35 pm)
He come home very sick to his stomach. They first done a "swallowing" test where he took a swallow of some extremely nasty drink, and they took x rays of it going down his throat. They done this in a couple positions. He is VERY sick to his stomach now, and has been for a couple of hours, ever since he got home. Poor thing. Since he is so sick, they've moved up the other test until Monday because that test requires them numbing his throat and if he's currently vomiting they cannot do that for his safety. He just finished some wonton soup I went and got him 5 minutes ago and it's already .... uh hum.

So keep the prayers coming, now that this mixture runs a quick course and doesn't ruin his weekend!


Jay is leaving shortly to have more tests done from his appointment with the dr yesterday. They believe it is a hiatal hernia that has grown to the point it is pressing down on two arties of his heart, and his lung. Apparently the sharp pains he's been having is the same pain one feels when they're having a heartattack :o(

If the tests turn out like his dr believes it will, they're going to do SURGERY- THIS MORNING!

Please pray for him, the drs, and everyone involved in this that things turn out well. Thanks!