Monday, May 18, 2009

When kids get grounded

So its been an interesting week this past week. Hannah has entered a very selfish, angry, defiant type of stage. I'm chalking it up to her little attitude getting amplified with the sudden school change she has experienced this month. It's not that she doesn't want to be there, she does. She REALLY does- she loves being back there. But she got in a LOT of trouble last week, and has lost her computer and TV priviledges totally, indefinately. Because of this, her whole world is disjointed :p She has no idea what to do to fill her time these days. She's slowly figuring it out though. Like today- I tell her to go to her room and play. She says she has nothing to do in there. I remind her she has a room full of toys in there, if she's not going to use them I can get rid of them quickly! She goes in her room.

A lttle bit later, she brings me this, to show me what she's taking to school tomorrow:

(Click here to view larger version)

Do you notice the same thing I'm seeing?
There's something interesting about this pic, I wonder if anyone else will see it.

Isn't she sweeeeeett? uh huh.

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