Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tell Me Thursday: Sleeping Beauties

The Story:

There's been a bag of scrapbooking supplies traveling with us through two moves. I just keep moving it from here to there, it's like m best friend now. However, I have not looked in this bag in a good three years at least! So the other day I decided, I'm never going to use this stuff- how about I give them away here on CalvaryGirl? So I went through the bag seeing what I had, and found a small envelope with just a few pictures in it. All but three were of Jackson's k4 Heritage program class performance (awwww!). One was a pic off of the balcony at our old apartment once when it snowed.

The last two were these precious pics of my babies sleeping in the cutest positions! Hannah was 1 and Jackson was 4 in these pictures. I remember finding Hannah a lot of times in that position. (The blanket she's snuggled to was my "huggie blanket" when I was little.) Jackson had fallen asleep watching TV early one night when that picture was taken. I remember laughing so hard when I walked in his room and found him in that position. He had gotten too quiet so I had went in to check on him ;o)

They say I'm "always" taking pictures of them while they're sleeping and ask why. I simply say it's because they're so peaceful that way! But obviously I'm not sneaking into the bedrooms as much as I used to cause I had to look back to my JANUARY file to find the most recent sleepy-pics!

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