Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Gratituesday 5-5

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This week is SO simple, if you have seen last week's post. (By the way, the last two videos in that post should be available now, there were some reports of complications with those two.). In the past week, my son has went from being miserable on a daily basis, to now his worst "problem" is his sister. He gets up in the morning without protest, and gets ready just as fast. He is open spiritually. We were actually able to have a conversation last night about him responding to his sister in a godly manner and he was actually listening, open to what I had to say- even though what I was saying did not sit right with his flesh. He is willing to TRY.

This is a stark contrast to what we've dealt with this year. I believe he thought God had left him. Now that his prayers have been answered, I believe he's on the road to restoring his relationship with the Lord- they had not been having a two way conversation for a long while I think (Jackson once asked me what good it done to pray! MY Jackson!). I'm so grateful for this. I have no doubt the road we've been on with the charter school was the one the Lord had us take, but I am SO grateful that we are through this trial! Now I need to work on myself and my fears of a school bill each month ;o)

It's funny because they went back at the perfect time. Last Tuesday was an "off" day because of assembly type gatherings, Wednesday was 'normal', Thursday was a community service day so they were on a "field trip" (Hannah ran into a gate at the park and got a bad goose egg on her temple, she's recovering); Friday was ... Friday ;) That day Jackson fell off the parallel bars on the playground and go a scratch on his forehead, go figure. Yesterday they had no homework (scratch that, Jackson didn't, Hannah did- homework was a sore spot for Jackson at the old school) because guess why? We're going on a field trip today! The annual trip to a huge park about 45 minutes away. I remember last year the decision had been made already that they weren't coming back, the intentions then was to homeschool- what a change in plans!

Then Friday Jackson and I are going BACK to Raleigh with his class (we just done the same trip in March with the old school, LOL). Hannah brought home a permission slip yesterday about a field trip for her class. How perfect could this be for a 1st grader and a 4th grader?

Happy Gratituesday!


  1. sounds like lots of fun. I love the background to your blog where did you get it?

  2. I made it. I'm going to be releasing it on my designs site when I get it updated in the next week or so (I'm behind on that stuff!)