Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tell Me Thursday: Just about

So what's the story behind my Wordless Wednesday picture? Well obviously it's Jackson playing soccer, but for those who are new to this blog- this is the kid's first season playing soccer. Jackson "plays" it at school, but has never learned the sport, much less Hannah. They're both catching on quickly to the rules, which is good.

I'm trying to make better use of my camera and am loving trying to get good shots of them at their ballgames. Jackson is LOVING playing goalie. He's pretty much the main one, though they do alternate them out at practices and in the games so everyone has the opportunity to learn every position (which, in 4th grade, is what it should be!). He's really enjoying goalie though- which suprises me considering how ACTIVE he has always been. Hannah likes to play goalie, but that's because she tires so easily running around, LOL I keep trying to tell her if she ate less processed foods she'd have more energy. Oh well.

I had about five goalie type shots to choose from, but this one was my favorite. Little do you know I had to crop out a grownup from the shot because the coaches for that particular team has no problem walking in front of us parents of the other team, and standing in our way! :p

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