Wednesday, May 27, 2009

raising foodies 5-28

Not long ago I posted about our venture with apple slaw. We really liked it, and enjoyed making it together. The same night I prepared a large pack of chicken so I could do garlic-onion crock pot chicken. I'm totally sold on the crock pot now, and think I'm going to try and snag mom's crock pot tomorrow when I am over there! Have you tried anything new in the crockpot latey?

This particular night I decided to let Hannah try her hand at a knife. This is something I have not been looking forward to considering she cut her knuckle using a hand grater. She done really good with the broccoli though! Her job was to cut the "trees" off the stalk.

I might add here, that Jackson took these pictures with my Mother's Day gift, and NO EDITING was done to these before posting! Awesome, right?

Do you have a recent post about cooking with kids? Leave a comment so I can come see your post! Are you looking for information about raising a toddler foodie? Hop on over to Grace's Kitchen and see what other moms of toddlers are up to in the kitchen with their little ones!


  1. I got the pacifiers at Target...i <3 that place!

    um...about the pics...i can't remember for the life of me what action i used on those. i downloaded them from some website, and i can't figure out what they are or where i got them. isn't that awful? i'm sorry i'm not more helpful than that. i probably should start paying better attention to things like that :) If I come across it, i'll let you know where i got it.

  2. Hey when you run across it again, would you mind emaiing me the file? purty please? and if you see any neat ones on other sites shoot me the link in an email (calvarygirl08 at gmail dot com).

  3. I know what you mean about the knife - I've been very slowly introducing its' use to my daughter! I'm hoping to give her a little more experience this summer as we prepare meals together.