Friday, June 5, 2009

443 Family Friday: June 5th

It's Family Friday time again! Family Friday is hosted by, thank you Danielle!

Last week I left you with the vision of a thirty something daughter getting a crash course on caring for an aging parent, and what new adventures we've been experiencing in that arena. I shared on Saturday the next part of that story, which, was the other, well parent. I updated you yesterday on how that venture is going. (Hint: surgery)

If you are an aspiring digital scrapbooker to capture memories (and enjoy quick pages), check out this one and grab it if you like it. I hope to be offering more on the future (sans disclaimer). You can see what I have done with my desktop wallpaper here. What do you usually have on your desktop? Pictures of your kids, or something else? I have no pattern, but have noticed the kids really like it when their pictures are there so I think I'll roll with that idea for the summer.

I have taken to writing down the "-isms" of the children, you are going to love some of the stuff they have been blurting out. I started twitter-ing their sayings in a contest a few weeks ago that @plumkeeper was holding, and I've just kept it up. They have highlighted two or three of their quotes on their Facebook page: Kids Say the Darnest Things, too! (Cool!)
One day I might do a scrap page for everything they've said that month. Here is one Jackson said this week. More to come. Stay tuned.

I've been lacking in my bible reading in the past month so Ive been playing catchup with that. The kids just started the "Pastor's summer pals" club this Wednesday at church, and devotionals are part of the points system. I already have it all in place, we just need to do it. My goal this summer is to UNPLUG them. I've been writing out a plan on how to accomplish that. Routines are in order more now than I think they were when the kids were in school. Summer in our house can equal chaos, how about yours? It doesn't take long for these natives to get restless! Today, we're going to go to the Children's Museum in the next city, that's going to be fun.

Lastly, I've decided to double up on some meals and cook for mom and dad, so dad won't worry about what's going to be for dinner each day. He doesn't have his license (has never drove), and doesn't really "cook food" (he can scramble eggs and fry bacon, I remember that from my childhood and mom working at night!). He has a routine he's pretty set to, and I can empathize with the anxiety caused by the unknown and one's routine getting unsettled. He's 68, he doesn't need that unnecessary stress.
The challenge, however, is finding meals that my mother will eat, that is compatible with my family. She says how her stomach is sensitive, except she has no problem eating fried, fat laden- smothered in oil and butter type meals from the local restaurants they tend to frequent. (See my frustration?) The idea of adding a teaspoon of Italian seasoning to something at home sets her into a tailspin! Oy. Pray for me :)

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  1. I stopped in to visit as part of HomemakerBarbi's Family Friday and enjoyed reading your post.

    The Sandwich Generation, no matter what your age, definitely has its challenges and you have certainly landed in some major ones. I think the meal idea is GREAT :) What a blessing you are to your whole family - both in ministering to them and in setting such a wonderful example for your kids.

    If you ever get really overwhelmed and need extra help with the meals, you might also look at Meals on Wheels. For at least some of the local programs, if not all, you can actually sign your aging parents up and pay for the meals, which are reasonably priced. They drop off one home cooked meal each day. Some of the programs offer healthy options, some don't. You just have to ask. But it's a great option, particularly if you have to go out of town or have a large round of viruses going around your house, like we did this year ;)

    Have a blessed day.