Thursday, June 25, 2009

Downfall of being a political junkie

1) Your ten year old knows about Dr. Tiller from watching TV with you, and recognizes his name when the announcement is made that he has been shot dead... in his church. Since nothing happens without God's knowedge beforehand- did God allow Tiller to be killed, because he killed babies? You must answer questions.

2) Going down the road with your seven year old daughter, you are hearing a VERY sad press conference, hearing a man publically confess having a relationship with a woman that is not his wife, and you hear someone yelling out loud "nooooooooo!!!". Then you realize it is coming from YOU finding out it is Mark Sanford. Your seven year daughter starts asking questions- hers being the most prceptive of ANY that was covered- did he break up with that other lady? You must answer questions.

3) After having a wonderful day out with friends, you get in your car to go home and turn up the radio. Since you are a political junkie, your satellite radio is set to a news channel, and you hear the news that Michael Jackson had just been pronounced dead fifteen minutes beforehand. Your seven year old wants to know who this person is. You must answer questions.

How would you approach these questions?


  1. Just happened upon your blog and I love it!
    Funny I had to answer each of those questions asked by my 4 year old in recent days. Difficult because I didn't realize how much of the information she was retaining from talk radio I listen to.

  2. You are going to have a very informed elementary student in the coming years! My proudest moment this school year was Jackson coming home venting about how he can't talk to his friends about the election because they didn't know what taxes were :p Welcome to the blog- hope to see more of your comments!