Saturday, June 13, 2009

Happy Saturday!

Do you have big plans for this weekend? Later today the kids, Jay and I will head down to his mother's house. The kids will stay with her while we meet his brother down at the fishing pond. He took the kids fishing with his brother yesterday at his brother's house, they aren't missing their chance to fish, trust me! Not sure what else is planned beyond that. Jay just finished fixing our fallen topsy turvey. He is thinking they plants didn't make it. I hope it wasn't my heirloom tomato plant that got crushed! Guess what? We have a trip to Lowes planned to buy another heirloom tomato plant just in case. I cannot imagine not having those this summer and if I can grow my own and save $3.99 a pound, all the better! I yearn for the day we have another huge garden ....

Tomorrow is church day of course. It is also nursery move up day (I teach three year olds). I'm losing 18, and gaining 14 this year (and keeping 10). That's of course on roll, but out of those 18, 14 were regulars. I'm not sure what my upcoming class will be like as far as attendance. I'm excited though. We get to start "the cycle" all over again, training them for the four year olds! It always feels weird after move up day because the moves we've had for so long, well, have been four a couple of months or are about to turn four. Then we get "the babies" in, and wow! They're all recently turned THREE (as were the three year old class), or about to turn three. What a difference a year makes!

Do any of you work in your church's nursery? What age group do you work with?

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