Friday, June 19, 2009

Blessings on Thursday

Ok I confess, I did not check it either. In the spirit of not nagging, I did not do it. What's that? Keep a lookout on when our license plate tags were due to be renewed. As a result, I got a ticket back in April when I was chaperoning a field trip for Hannah's class. Yesterday was the court date. I waited in line about an hour or so, not bad, they were moving right along. I just knew I would be charged the full $146 because of the news stories coming around about our city loaning some $1.7 million dollars for the minor league baseball stadium to get built.

While in line I look up to see a fellow looking at me.
me-"I know you."
me-"we're related"
me-"you're my nephew!"

Now before you tilt your heads, understand Jay just got back in touch with his four half siblings three years ago, and we've only seen the "whole" family at Christmas, and back in October at Grandmother's funeral. So really I've only spent time with this fella on five or six occasions. I am actually surprised he recognized me!
So I let him cut in front of me and we got to visit for twenty minutes or so. That was very nice. A nice, unexpected blessing.

I go in after him to "appear", I give them the ticket with cash in hand, and they wave me on! At first not understanding the gesture in that context I ask "how much?" and he said "Nothing, you can go". WOW!

I knowingly parked in the parking deck where I knew an old friend's mom worked ... (I get to see her every time I go to court .... are you tilting your heads yet? Now how many times do you think I go to court?)
I guess now that I'm an adult she's my friend, now, right? When we're young parents are just "so and so's mom/dad" and that's the relationship- what's the social protocol on that? Do they automatically morph into your own friends through extension once you are grown and have your own kids?
So on the way back we walked around the block where I could walk up and say hi. We (dad went with me) got to visit for a little bit, which was really nice. I gave her my blog link so I hope she comes by. If she does- thank you again C for covering our parking fee! :O) I was not expecting that, another unexpected blessing!

Besides court, seeing our nephew, visiting with my friend, mom feeling good enough to go visit an ailing uncle 30 miles away, and Hannah not having a fit (Jackson's still at his grandma's) ...
Thursday was a good day.
Thank you Lord!

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