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452 Family Friday: June 12th

It's Family Friday time again! Family Friday is hosted by, thank you Danielle!

Last week I left you with a quick page, stories of my parents, and my thoughts on the challenge of a picky eating mother and what to prepare for them while she is out of commission. I'm happy to report some good news.

First, I've fixed two batches of meals for them. Batches being enough to last dinner, lunch the next day and maybe another dinner, depending on how hungry they were. The first was a chicken soup from the crockpot. No special recipe, just chopped celery, carrots, a potato, and garlic. I made my own stock by cooking the chicken in the larger crockpot and the veggies separate- then putting them together after deboneing the chicken. That was a great attempt at frugality. I had a ton of broth which hit the freezer in 2 cup portions for future use. The only seasoning was a packet from a pack of ramen noodles, diluted in three cups of water. I added the noodles to the soup, too. It worked very well and mom ate a lot of it sources say.

The next was a deer roast fixed with celery, carrots, bell pepper chunks, onion, and garlic. This was thicker than the soup but had some natural broth to it as well. They didn't know it was deer, only that it was good. Last I heard, that was finished. Today, pork chops and apples are on the menu.

Tuesday after picking dad up from work, (he's retired, but cleans houses) he said mom wanted him to get some KFC (aka Kentucky Fried Chicken) ... "okay". So this was my test because I had recently become aware that KFC has MSG in their chicken, and MSG is known to cause migraines. It's been forever since I'd had KFC, and I had often wondered just how sensitive I was to it, so this was the test. When we got home I fixed what sides I could come up with at their house (I was not planning on all that, we had leftover deer roast in the fridge!). I'm glad to report, no migraine from KFC!

Just an upset stomach- Jackson said "mama the breading on that chicken was where the meat should have been, and it tasted like liquid seasoning". I think my healthier cooking is rubbing off, praise the Lord!

As for how mom is doing, she's "doing". I got her an appointment with her surgeon on June 22nd, so we'll see how it goes from there. She's still in pain, but claims her 5/500mg hydrocodone is the "only thing that works". If someone can help me understand how 7.5/750mg of the same thing, morphine, and percoset "won't do anything", please do. It bewilders me to no end.

Don't miss the devotional / passage study from the book of Job, it's a good one. It blessed me, anyway :o)
Soccer season ended last Saturday. Jackson's team placed second in the tournament, and he played his best game to date as goalie. We're trying to decide whether to do camps or go with a summer league. I'm leaning towards camp, but there's also the expense. I need to do more research on that. I get the impression they are better off to stay with the outdoor leagues than going to an indoor league when they're still first learning the game, does anyone have some input concerning this?

My nephew graduated from vocational high school this week, it was awesome. We are so proud of him.

I've been thinking about writing down some of the conversational highlights Jackson and I have been having over the last week since the shooting of abortionist, Dr. Tiller. Jackson is no stranger to watching the news, and feels very strongly about abortion. He had already seem Dr. Tiller in the news and remembered who he was when he saw the clip about his shooting. When he saw the clip, it immediately led to some serious conversations, a lot of it spiritual ones to boot, considering Dr. Tiller was shot at his church. Talk about a challenge- try to find the right words to answer the questions that can fly out of a ten year old's mouth on a subject like that!!

It goes along the same spiritual lines that Hannah was asking about after watching the movie Kit Kitteredge. Hannah (7): "Mommy, is it ok to steal from the rich if you are giving to the poor, like Robin Hood did?" Jackson (10): "NO! That's SOCIALISM!". Who knew you could get into a political conversation about the state of our country from the mention of a novel in a rated G, children's movie? Have you seen this movie yet? How did you like it? As parents, do you think this movie hits home for dads more than it does for moms?

I've found a new life motto. My dad raised me with the saying "If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is." While I'm telling my kids this as well, I've found another saying coming more and more out of my mouth recently:

"Just because you CAN, doesn't mean you SHOULD."
Do you have a motto you tell your kids a lot?
I look forward to seeing your answers! Please leave your Family Friday links with me, or if you are not participating in Family Friday, a link to your favorite family related post (or update) from this week.

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