Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tell me Thursday: Unexpected Places

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June 2nd was "Happy Jackson Day", and dad and I decided we would surprise the kids with lunch at The Mellow Mushroom. We love that restaurant! It is SO tastey. Each month we try to do something special for the kids on their birth-date. Jackson's birthday is on the 2nd so each month on the 2nd we try to do something special for him, and on the 20th for Hannah. Coming back to the car the kids went to check out the fountain we parked next to on the street one block down from the restaurant. Needless to say, I started snapping pictures.

They were acting like strong guys standing next to the big columns.

I was really happy to see how well the new camera done with the moving water.

This was my Wordless Wednesday pic. The original pic was done in sepia because I intended on submitting it to this weeks contest. When I tried to get there my internet started acting wonky and I was tired and not feeling good, so I went to bed. (Still not feeling very hot)

They were having such a good time. I've always loved going by that fountain. I used to walk by it waking to said restaurant when I was working a few blocks away. Very peaceful.

It warms my heart to see them actually happy together. They were having a good time being all silly.

Like I said, silly! Then I got to looking around, wondering what company was actually in the building we were having such a good time in front of.

Well no wonder! ;o)

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  1. So much fun. Love the pics and the story. Thanks for participating!