Monday, June 29, 2009

Woman pleads guilty in drunken breast-feeding case

You can read the jist of the story here. There was actual debate this morning on the news as to whether the punishment was too severe for this woman. I heard this story last week on the radio, and the story goes, she was not only drunk, she was drinking *while she was nursing*.

Your Thoughts? Is the punishment too severe or just right?

Post your thoughts in the comments section below, or write a post on your blog, include the QOTW button, and share your link here. I'm interested in hearing what CavaryGirl readers think about this case. This is a subject very near and dear to my heart.


  1. Hi Wendy,

    I just read the article and I'm appalled. Yes, I believe the law should intervene on this one. This is a clear case of abuse and neglect. This woman obviously doesn't care about the safety, care or well-being of her child. It's very sad.


  2. from Karen:

    "Way too severe, if that's the whole story. I'm thinking there must have been more going on."
    "True ... but then you also don't need to be feeding your toddler Fruit Loops for dinner, and how many of us have done that in a weak moment? Think about it - if you're drinking, have had too much, and your baby wakes up hungry, what are you going to do? Obviously, you feed it, drunk or not - it beats the alternative of not feeding it. The biggest immediate danger to the child would be dropping it. To my mind, it's far worse to drive without your baby in a car seat, and I've never heard of anyone facing 5 years in prison for that. I'm far more interested in what caused the domestic disturbance call in the first place, and what role that played in the charges."

  3. from Deneen:
    "Seems a little severe, but the lady was definetly in the wrong!
    !!! She should be charged with child neglect, but 5 years seems a little much."

  4. here's another article,
    there's no disputing the ability to drink in moderation while bf'ing, but I believe this woman went WAY past the line- if you can't speak straight, then you don't need to be bf''ing your infant.
    It takes me back to the youtube video of the woman etting her friend blow pot smoke in the face of her special needs child and her laughing about it.

  5. from Carol:
    "This is silly IF (and it is probably a big if) this was the only problem. Was she given a breathalyzer? or blood test? If so what was the level? Does she have a history of abuse? From just that little bit of info in the article there is not enough info. IMO to make a decision that there was a problem, much less a problem requiring jail time.

    Theresa has already linked the article from kellymom. Basically having a couple drinks while BF is okay - the whole bottle not so much.

    There are so many misconceptions about breastfeeding out there that yo u can't take medications, have a drink, color your hair etc while you are breastfeeding. It is a shame that so many people (including many in the medical field) have such poor information about breastfeeding."

  6. from Janet:
    "Putting the Mom in prison for 5 yrs? During the most crucial time of child raising? She was wrong.. send her to parenting classes or something. Show her some brain damaged babies.. but Jail?"