Friday, June 26, 2009

This affects ALL Americans

Normally I try not to make blatant political posts on this blog, but this is a topic that affects each and every American: Cap and Trade. I'm going to copy and paste an email I received that explains Cap and Trade much better than I can, and I want to encourage every reader to contact your representative. YES- this affects YOU. This is the lie our current administration told in that he would not TAX anyone making under a certain income. He IS, through this, and he knows it.

You can go here- to find out your 9 digit zip code, and go here- to find out who your rep is and be able to write (email) them. This is a very simple, yet effective action to make your voice heard!


It's become clear that HR 2454 American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 aka "Cap & Trade" will go before the House of Representatives for a vote sometime this Friday, June 26.

It's also become clear that those who are elected to represent us are not taking or intending to take any immediate or appropriate dramatic action, such as announcing a walkout or even a visible press conference denouncing the bill, its size, or the speed of the vote. There is no visible presence of opposition outside of a few sending emails to their constituents.

It is also clear that this bill will have devastating consequences to our general economy, but also to every area of our lives. The cost of fuel, electricity, to industries and businesses that produce goods, food, etc., will all increase. Some estimates project that the average household will experience a $3100 per year increase in the costs of utilities alone. Charles Rivers Associates projects that our gross domestic product will decline and unemployment will rise because the green jobs created will not be enough to cover the jobs lost by the implementation of this bill.

The most recent version of the bill is 1,092 pages in length, with 300 of them having been added yesterday.

This back door, speed of light vote and lack of action by our elected representatives compels us as citizens to come to the aid of our country. Clearly, we cannot depend upon our elected representatives in the U.S. Congress.

YES! It's last minute, but this information only came to light in the last 48 hours.Take action now and help preserve your freedom and prosperity by telling your representative in the U.S. House that you are strongly opposed to the cap and trade 'tax' increase bill, H.R. 2454!
Contact these NC representatives today. Tell them to vote NO on
HR 2454 American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009

The Honorable David Price
DC Phone:202-225-1784
DC Fax:202-225-2014
Email David Price

The Honorable Mel Watt
DC Phone:202-225-1510
DC Fax:202-225-1512
Email Mell Watt

The Honorable Brad Miller
DC Phone:202-225-3032
DC Fax:202-225-0181

The Honorable Heath Shuler
DC Phone:202-225-6401
DC Fax:202-226-6422

The Honorable Bob Etheridge
DC Phone:202-225-4531
DC Fax:202-225-5662

The Honorable Larry Kissell
DC Phone:202-225-3715
DC Fax:202-225-4036

Nathan Jones
NC Tea Party

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