Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Gratituesday 4-28

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God is good, ALL the time. We followed the Lord and put the kids in a charter school this school year to get caught up on some financial issues, etc .. the plan was always for them to be back in their private Christian school the following year. It's been a very, VERY rough school year for Jackson, overall. You just cannot beat "home". It wasn't that he as much didn't like the new school but it wasn't "the" school he wanted to be in. So we're been through the fire this year exalting him to do what's right in the middle of a situation none of us really cared to be in but knew it was what the Lord was having us to do.

Well, the opportunity presented itsself Sunday night for us to have the kids finish the year at thier old school (I didn't think you could do that!!). We went up to the old school yesterday and signed all the papers. I picked up the kids, took them home and went back to their current school to tell their teachers, fill out the withdrawel forms, and clean out their desks. I went to my parents to go through their supplies and compare it next to what they needed today, then went to Target to get supplies, and back home to get ready for church.

We never thought about their to-be teachers announcing to their classes (filled with allll their friends!) that they were coming back (today)! One of Hannah's friends immediately said something to her last night at church cause he was so happy to hear the news. Hannah and him flew up to the soundbooth with Hannah asking Jay what was going on. Jay convinced them there "had" to be "another Hannah W." the teacher was talking about ;o) poor kid! LOL! I was able to reach Jackson's friends in time so they were BOTH clueless overall.

We got up this morning and I felt Hannah, said she was warm and needed to stay home, and that was it! Jackson puts up NO fight to go to school. This morning was SOOO "as a matter of fact". I said "well, I have some stuff to do at church so since y'all are home you need to go with me.." "here, put these clothes on so you'll look nice and not like a bum if the (visiting) missionaries are up there" (we had International Sunday ... Sunday, and a bonus service last night.). Little did they know their backpacks were packed with empty folders, their pencil cases from their desks, lunch packed and ready to go :p

Jackson was whiney over his clothes, but the Lord gave grace as it was needed. The batteries in my camera were gone cause Jackson had been playing with it, that made me tense cause we needed to leave ASAP and Jackson was too busy with a brewing attitude (that we've dealt with all school year, well, since October). As soon as we wer ein the car he was ok, and I got him videoing his self talking about why he missed his old school etc ... I pulled into the school parking lot saying I needed to pick up something for the church- my kids were OBLIVIOUS!! No clue whatsoever!
This is them getting the news (I expected more reaction, but Jackson was actually SPEECHLESS!)

more reaction, moreso Hannah this time-

Them sharing why they were glad they were back-

Jackson reunting with his BFFs-

Praise the LORD!!


  1. how sweet! i'm glad they got to go back!

  2. btw...sorry if i don't reply to your tweets. i'm not really sure how to. :)