Monday, August 10, 2009

The UNAmerican father

This is the Michigan father who Pelosi calls UnAmerican, and his congressman calls a troublemaker:



  1. Shouting down opposing views. Yeah, that's pretty unAmerican to me. Republican or Democrat, this guy acted like an ass.

    I get it, he has a handicapped son. But his actions were less than admirable.Normal town hall meetings you go up to a mike, ask your question, wait your turn. Civil discussion.
    This guy went right up to another person's face and started screaming. He did so based on incorrect information. Even if he felt justified to be angry, that is no way to act. Give me a break. The guy is off balance.

  2. I believe if someone feels the need to raise their voice, they are an American and can raise their voice to the people who are making decisions that directly affect them. There's nothing off balance about that. Civil discussion stopped when congress started treating their constituents like second class citizens. "Incorrect" information is debatable in and of its self, too.

  3. I believe this man simply wanted answers. As for him yelling in someone's face...the truth is the clip doesn't show the whole starts with the confrontation. It may well have been his turn to speak.