Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Urban deer part one

The greatest surprise we found when we moved here was the abnormally large deer population. We live in the city, on a main road. Our house is a good way off the road, though still clearly visible. We have a neighbor that lives a nice little walk behind us, about .3 mile. She has lived here for over 40 years, and has one of the does trained to eat out of her hand. She has a LARGE yard that is very secluded. Jay was at her house a few weeks ago fixing something for her and said as they stood out on the porch talking they were watching some of the does in the lower yard running around like they were playing. Last year we had three fawns by two mothers. Each morning they would come in the back yard to eat and I would watch them play and chase each other having the best time. It is truly amazing to me, God's creation of these beautiful creatures. Yes, we are a hunting family, but that doesn't negate the appreciation of their beauty and grace.

On my birthday the herd showed back up! We've seen a doe here and there through the year, but during season, we have counted up to 14 in our back yard at one time. The one buck we've seen, and he was a BEAUTY, large, strong, awesome rack, was hit by a car last year :( We have two bucks this year! Apparently two of the three babes from last year were bucks. We also have a fawn in this bunch. I expect we're going to see a good deal more as it gets cooler and into the fall. I love my new camera and was able to catch some beautiful pictures through the back door:

This is the view from my back door. I had thrown some old tomatoes out there on the hill where the satellite is. That's where a good deal of my small fresh scraps go cause I like to watch the squirrels.

This is Jay's friend. He had an encounter with her last week. Deer have so much personality! She is very aware when someone is watching her. I thought about naming her "Moe" for her mohawk.

Here's "Bucky Jr". Isn't he gorgeous?!

Simply breathtaking. This was my greatest birthday surprise, actually being able to catch these photos of this beautiful magnificent creature.

I have more to post, but that's all for now! If you want to see more deer photos go to my Facebook page linked in the left sidebar. You'll find an album containing pictures you won't see here on the blog. Good stuff!


  1. We have a similar situation. We just moved to an acreage that is surrounded by corn fields. So we have been enjoying all the deer that come out every evening. We are both excited for hunting season. I am looking forward to hubby filling the freezers. But hubby is just itching to get the first one while sitting in the hot tub on our back deck LOL!

    I agree that you can be a hunting family and enjoy nature. Sometimes I think that hunters appreciate nature far more than those who don't.

  2. Carrie I totally agree with you that hunters can appreciate nature more than those who don't. Not that non hunters don't, but there's something to be said about sitting out in the woods watching them. I'm considering going hunting this year with Jay ;)