Thursday, August 6, 2009

Burger King kicks baby out

Imagine being out in a large group of twenty five, with your mother and six month old baby. You are on your way to a show and stop for a bite to eat at your local Burger King. You are standing in line about to order when the manager tells you that you cannot dine in because the baby you are carrying does not have shoes on. The baby, that does not walk. You explain that the baby does not own shoes, and the manager continues to harass you after your group has ordered and you are sitting there eating. "that lady with that baby with no shoes is still here", an employee says, as the manager tells you he will call the police if you do not leave with your shoeless baby. As a result, your group of 25 hurries to finish so you all can leave.

Yes, Burger King manager of Missouri, the sign says "no shirt, no shoes, no service". The baby wasn't receiving service! It's mother was! How far down the intellectual chain has fast food corporations went, when they have to actually explain to managers that such policies do not apply to babies? It used to be a respectful profession- fast food restaurant manager, with many challenges and rewards. What has happened?
Recent reports says that Burger King has apologized to the mother. They would like her to come back for the "royal treament", including free food. My question is- what about the 25 other people who had to eat in a hurry because they were with this mother, baby, and grandmother? Will they receive free food, too? They were, afterall, forced to dine under duress.

View the video of the interview with the mom here-


  1. That is too silly! Some people... Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. That's awful! I mean, a baby is not going to receive any Burger King service in the first place, so it shouldn't be an issue. Who ever heard of a baby chowing down on a Whopper?

  3. Ok I didn't have time to watch the video but oh my word! Ridiculous!

  4. I was speechless when I heard about this story this afternoon - what is this world coming to! Dreadful