Friday, August 14, 2009

Family Friday: Girls Day Out

It's Family Friday time again! Family Friday is hosted by, thank you Danielle! Danielle has also launched two new sites in recent weeks you might want to check out:

I'm excited about today. I'm actually behind on my day right now but that's how it's been all week it seems! I learned about Crazy 8 children's clothing a few months ago. We are huge Gymboree fans, and this is a "sister store" of Gymboree. I received an email via Gymboree on Wednesday that a Crazy 8 store was opening in the next city, yay!! Not only that but a $10 off of $30 purchase coupon, too! So Hannah and I are headed off in a little while to do some back to school shopping. The kids are going back to their private Christian school this year. They have went there their whole school careers except for this past year when they went to a charter school, and that was not a very good experience for Jackson.

Hannah and I went shopping last weekend since it was tax free weekend, and I was amazed at how much money we saved in school supplies. We literally spend half as much money, or more (versus what we did last year), not counting book bags. It made me wonder- how is it that this small, private school can accomplish so much more with so much less, than the large public charter school? Of course the answer was easy- God is behind the small private school and is an integral part of its daily operation, He isn't in the public school. We're very excited about the upcoming school year that starts on the 20th. I've been helping Jackson's teacher this week get the classroom ready and its been a great blessing.

We've recent had a big family event happen: Braden turned three! Braden is our great nephew, brother to ^Jordan^.
Check out the recent Braden posts from his birthday and videos from the party:
Braden's birthday (Thomas the train is yummy)

We've also reached a milestone with food. Hannah asked me yesterday if I can get her a Sigg bottle to send her water to school for lunch, because she has started to like drinking water. Praise the Lord! Miracles never cease. Read more about the recent food revelations.

Have a great weekend! I look forward to reading your Family Friday posts, be sure to leave your links with your comments!

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