Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Food revelations

Last week I mentioned some of the changes Hannah has come upon in recent weeks. She is doing very well with food these days. She used to be very, very picky with food. Processed and junk foods are of the devil, I'm starting to believe. I've done a lot of reading over time about food, and what's best for the body and I'm starting to really appreciate the wisdom the Lord will give us especially as mothers when we ask for it, concerning how to raise our children, including what goes in their bellys. I'm not an average weight by far, and this has been a personal struggle for me in recent years. I am just not comfortable in my own skin. I have learned that one person in a family cannot combat their battles and trials alone- it takes the whole family to do it. Yes, everyone is responsible for their choices, but when it comes to strife in the home, if one's choices are not respected then not everyone is going to benefit in the situation.

My brother in law has been staying with us in the past few weeks. Monday a week ago, he treated the kids and I to Arby's. Since last Monday, we had not eaten fast food at all until Sunday night. I had cooked everything at home. I also tried some new recipes last week that worked well. One, which was something I come up with on my own- not so good. I got halfway through my Wendy's chicken sandwich when I realized, I truly was not enjoying that sandwich like I used to. Jay had even made sure the fries and sandwich were fresh, but it was different. My taste buds had already started changing. By the time I went to bed, my stomach was bothering me.
Yesterday, (Monday) Hannah and I went out to eat with my parents. I got what I usually order at this particular restaurant, "real" chicken tenders fried greek style, and crispy french fries. Same thing. I did not have the same enjoyment I used to have eating that meal. Furthermore, I felt like a block of lead was sitting in my stomach. Last night at a church dinner I attended- same thing. "Normal"- non whole foods, and by the time I got home last night I was in cramps!

In my head I knew this was a likely occurance for someone who had been eating primarily whole foods (as in, foods closest to their natural state, not "from" Whole Foods.) I realized, last week, no one complained about what I fixed, and everyone ate what was fixed and liked it. Yes, there was one night Jay fixed fried potatoes and onions, but beyond that- chicken from the grill, salads, watermelon for dessert. Great stuff. Beyond Hannah, Jay is the greatest whole food critic in this house. The times he was "exposed" to the foods I fixed (which, actually weren't many), he did not complain. He has no idea how far that has went for me and how encouraged I am right now with this food revelation: It can be done, you do feel better, and you can keep doing it.

Because when you are not the overweight one, the food issues really shouldn't be about you. It should be about who needs the biggest benefit from the food being fixed. Because nothing tastes as good as being healthy / skinny / thin feels.

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  1. I feel your struggle. I gave up the "fast" food rackets about 10 years ago and have felt 1000% better since then. If you need any recipe suggestions, tweet me, I love to share :)


  2. Thank you Gunz! Nice to 'see' you here too :o) Thank you for commenting.